"I can't say enough great things about Six String Country.  If you are someone who wants to quickly learn how to play the most current country music, this is the site.  I have spent so much time using YouTube to learn how to play songs and have not found what I wanted - the right chords, sheet music, strumming patterns, and explanations.  Six String Country does all of this and more.  In addition to this awesome web site for learning guitar and the amazing "Jam Along Videos" to a wide variety of country songs, the customer service at Six String Country is amazing - they respond right away to email questions or comments that you may have! I have learned so much from Six String Country and I know that my guitar playing is going to improve so much faster now that I am a member!! Awesome site!"

Cynthia - Boston, MA

"This is an excellent way to learn guitar. I've learned more in just a few months than I learned in two years taking lesson. The ability to loop any of the video is huge. It's also the only and best website of its kind."

Shane - Utah

"I had always found it frustrating that you could only ever find chords for country songs, rarely the actual way to play the licks and riffs that make a song so quickly identifiable. Six String Country solves this, and helps teach you how to play them! The site also keeps up with the newest songs that you want to learn, and has recently been adding classics as well." 

Scott Corcoran - Kingston, ON

"Love the site, guys. I can't believe how many great songs you have have pulled together in such a short period of time. Keep it up!"

Darin - Los Angeles, CA

"Six String Country's video lessons break down both the rhythm and lead sections of the most popular songs in ways that allow me to follow, and actually learn them. The song based lessons are both accurate and complete. I would never have been able to progress musically as quickly as I have without this unbelievable guitar players tool!"

Joey Lander - Gainesville, Fl

"I found this site and it made me pick up my guitar again after 2 years. It is very helpful."

Marty Williams - New Hope, Al

"I joined SixStringCountry for a number of reasons but a couple of things that were important to me include a great looping playback video that allows me to practice a certain section of a song, the country music (I love country music and not enough sites focused on that and that alone), and the lessons broken out by lead or rhythm.   This site is making it sound like I've been playing longer than I have.  I couldn't find anything on YouTube OR another website that put such great detail in their work, had pride in what they were doing, and have responded very quickly in a couple questions I had before I joined.  I look forward to the new videos in the future to help me become a better guitar player!  Thanks guys for such a great website and service."

Tim Schilling - Lake Wylie, SC

"Best guitar site by far. Keep them coming."

Aaron - Calgary, AB

"This website is amazing! Best I've found for country guitar."

Geoff Mann - Melbourne, FL

"This is by far the easiest way I have ever learned a song!"

Pete Pierson Cole - Camp, MO

"Six string country has been great for me. The lessons are extremely helpful, and I like the fact that I can see the actual music too!"

Adam Schnacker - Shawnee, KS

"I'm new to playing and Six String Country by far is the best website I have used in learning some new music!"

Carey Lewis - Richmond, VA

"As a beginner guitar player, Six String Country has been the greatest asset. It's fun to learn songs that you know and love, and it is legitimate chords and strum patterns! Then you can jam along with (what feels like) a real band!"

Emily Breedlove - Tyler, TX

"Keep up the good work."

Barry Dixon - Roaonke, VA

"It has been a great learning experience. The lesson breakdown by rhythm, lead, solos make it easier to hear the changes. the backing tracks and metronome counting have been very valuable."

John Walker - Modesto, CA

"If you would like to learn how to play today's top country hits like they were written and recorded, Six String Country is the web site to join!"

Stephen Raccio - Wallingford, CT

"This website has sped up my improvement greatly!"

Aaron Zuhlsdorf - Edina, MN

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