Traditional “in person” guitar lessons can cost up to $40 per week for a half hour. That’s over $2,000 per year! Let Six String Country help you learn to play the music you love anytime, anywhere, on any device!  All for a fraction of the cost.  95% less!

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"I can't say enough great things about Six String Country.  If you are someone who wants to quickly learn how to play the most current country music, this is the site.  I have spent so much time using YouTu...(read more)"

Cynthia - Boston, MA

"This is an excellent way to learn guitar. I've learned more in just a few months than I learned in two years taking lesson. The ability to loop any of the video is huge. It's also the only and best website of its kind."

Shane - Utah

"Six String Country's video lessons break down both the rhythm and lead sections of the most popular songs in ways that allow me to follow, and actually learn them. The song based lessons are both accurate and complete. I would nev...(read more)"

Joey Lander - Gainesville, Fl