Total Electric Blues Guitar Master Class

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Welcome to Sean Weaver’s masterclass and masterpiece, pulled from over a quarter of a century of sweat, tears, and blistered hands. The course has culminated in a sequential and organized presentation of everything he has ever learned from the blues —- and all styles of blues guitar. The course begins at an intermediate level building towards the advanced but don’t let that scare you if you’re just getting started.  Download the syllabus below to see several different approaches and course focus strategies outlined by Sean.

Bending Strings: A Comprehensive Jam and Study

Sean provides a dedicated bending technique lesson, a rhythm and lead blues jam featuring bending, and corresponding jam along tutorials.

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Blues Vibrato: Stationary and Bent
a. Stationary Technique & Jam

In this first part of our vibrato study, Sean details how to achieve desirable vibrato on a stationary (non-bent) note. This comes complete with a dedicated technique tutorial, blues jam, and corresponding jam along tutorials.

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b. Bending Technique & Jam

The second part of the mini-series covers the differences in technique when using vibrato on a bent note.

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The Blues Scale & Practice Jam

The "blues scale" is a distinct scale, different from pentatonic and diatonic scales. Sean will teach you this scale inside and out and give you a fun and engaging practice jam along to solidify the concept.

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Intro to Mode Mixture

This tutorial introduces the concept of mode mixture. Sean uses the blues scale plus the major 3rd to weave together a usable and enjoyable slow blues jam.

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Major/Minor System for Mode Mixture

Here Sean gives us some simple ideas to get going including the theory behind the lesson, a slow blues jam along and matching in-depth tutorials.

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Mode Mixture Expanded

Mode Mixture Expanded explores a very useful scale known as the Nonatonic Blues Scale. This final lesson on mode mixture is sure to drive the concept home and open up a whole new way to think about the blues.

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Blues Turnarounds
Phrasing: Singing Through the Guitar
Double Stops and Chordal Soloing

Using double stops and chordal techniques to solo is not unique to the blues, but there are many practical applications of these skills within the genre.  Sean provides the theory, technique, and full jam along examples to drive this important skill into your muscle memory. 

Right Hand Techniques: Shaping Tone

In this lesson, Sean takes us through shaping tone with our pick and various right hand techniques used by the masters.

Blues Rhythm Guitar: A Mini-Course

This mini-course provides 9 grooves, 2 variations, and one full rhythm/lead jam to conclude the lessons for context.  That is 12 opportunities to become a more confident rhythm guitarist.

Blues Forms: A Mini-Course

This study provides 6 opportunities to expand your familiarity with the deeper essence of this music outside of the open-mic patterns we often get stuck in.

Blues Intros & Outros: A Mini-Course

Here we offer 7 opportunities to improve your familiarity and command of the many intros and outros used in the blues.  The series contains 2 bonus solo lessons.

Blues Slide Guitar: A Mini-course

This mini-course on slide guitar takes you through a technique lesson followed by 4 complete solos with corresponding lessons.

Blues & Blues Rock Artist Series

In the Blues & Blues Rock Artist Series Sean Weaver explores the styles of 5 guitar greats.  Each lesson included full rhythm and lead sheet music and break out tutorials. 


Congratulations!  You've completed the Total Electric Blues Guitar Master Class with Sean Weaver. This course is a reflection of Sean's lifelong dedication to the style. If you've made it this far, you have gone a long way towards becoming an expert yourself.  Well done!  For a complete listing of our blues guitar options, go to and use the Category filter to select "Blues".