Easy Country Guitar Songs - 4 Chords, 4 Easy Songs in 10 Minutes

The video above will be teach all 4 songs in about 10 minutes!  Explore the full benefits
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Our complete song lessons focus on learning the tune authentically to the studio recording.  Sometimes, though, we just want to get our hands on something... fast!  This lesson accomplishes that by providing 4 hit songs that use the exact same chords and have similar chord progressions.   If you want to study these songs in more depth.  You are in luck!  We have 3 of the 4 songs covered with complete lessons on Six String Country.

Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show

This song was co-written by Bob Dylan.  We haven't been able to secure the licensing need for a full lesson with sheet music and backing tracks, but the video above will get you through the whole song!  The chord progression is:


 I G I D I  C  I  C II

Cruise - Florida Georgia Line - Complete Lesson

Dive in deeper with our full tutorial on Cruise by Florida Georgia Line.  This full lesson will teach the studio version guitar parts for acoustic and electric guitar.  As with all full lessons on SixStringCountry.com, chord charts, tabs, backing tracks and more are provided as part of the lesson.

You Make It Easy - Jason Aldean - Complete Lesson

Use this same chord progression to play You Make It Easy.  Our full studio version will show you two different chord voicings that are more authentic to the studio recording.  Dig into this complete lesson at Six String Country.

Hope You Get Lonely Tonight - Cole Swindell - Complete Lesson

Jump into our complete lesson on the studio recording version of this song.  The song does not deviate from this chord progression and strum pattern, so you should breeze through.  Access the chord chart, chord diagrams, and tabs to this country hit.


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