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Guitar Courses Overview


Guitar 101 - Chords, Strumming, & Scales

Whether you just bought your first guitar or you have been playing for a while, this step-by-step program will have you playing our song lessons in no time.  Guitar 101 offers a structured approach to learning the essential keys of chords, getting comfortable with strumming, and learning the most important scale groups.  Along the way, we'll recommend skill-level appropriate songs that will you give you the best chance for success.

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Country Pickin' - A Graded Approach to Country Lead Guitar

Country guitar has some distinct stylistic signatures including chicken pickin', mimicking pedal steel, open string riffs, slide and more.  We'll explore these styles through technique lessons as well as pointing out appropriate guitar work from your favorite songs along the way.  This is a graded method: we'll start with the easiest and slowly work towards some very advanced material.  General guitar 101 knowledge as well as some basic improvisational experience is recommended as a pre-requisite. 

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Acoustic Beauty: Performance Pieces for Solo Acoustic Guitar

If the flowing, cascading, ringing quality of solo acoustic guitar is what you’re after, search no more. The course is a series of instrumental arrangements crafted specifically for solo players. After a tune accessible even to beginners, the method aims to help players move from intermediate to advanced in the solo acoustic style. The method is graded, starting with the easiest and ending with the most advanced. Detailed notes from arranger and instructor Sean Weaver will help at every step along the way. 

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Soloing & Jaming - Basic Lead & Rhythm Improvisation

This method is designed to take the guitarist who knows the pentatonic scale positions to the next level.  Sharing music by "jamming" with other musicians is one of the most fun and rewarding things we can do as guitar players.  By diligently following this step-by-step method you will prepare yourself to step into a "jam" situation and confidently improvise over a chord progression.  Then when it's the next person's turn to shine, you'll know exactly how to piece together the perfect rhythm guitar part as accompaniment. 

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Fingerstyle Guitar - The Definitive Chet Atkins Fingerstyle Method

This method, introduced by SSC co-founder Tony Bakker and taught by Chet-style expert and Nashville guitar pro Sean Weaver, begins with the very basics of fingerpicking and fingerstyle guitar.  After an introduction and 4 volumes of preparation, you'll be ready to tackle Weaver's 10 song, graded method taught in the Chet Atkins style.  The course includes of number Chet Atkin's actual note-for-note arrangements.  

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Master Class: The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed

Four note-for-note Jerry Reed compositions are taught with exact transcriptions provided by SSC instructor Sean Weaver. The transcriptions were created from the original Reed recordings and will match Jerry’s original recordings as well as the Jam Along videos which accompany the lessons here. The song lessons are presented in order of difficulty from easiest to hardest although each will likely require patience and persistence, but the tools are here to conquer four of Jerry Reed’s all-time classic guitar compositions.  

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