What are the system requirements?

If your operating system and browser are up to date (meaning there are no long standing updates that you have not completed), the site should function well for almost everyone.  Windows is supported as far back as Windows 8.  Sadly Windows XP and Windows 7 no longer receive mainstream support from Microsoft, and all of the features could not be made compatible with these operating systems.  Similarly, the Internet Explorer browser no longer receives mainstream support from Microsoft and is not recommended for use on Six String Country.  We recommend Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox browsers for the best performance.

Some customer with Windows 7 are able to access the site with good performance by using Google Chrome and deselecting (disabling) the "sticky video" and "mixer enabled" options in the gear box to the right of the video player.

To play the videos in HD, we recommend at least 10mbps internet speeds, which can be tested here. If you are experience poor playback or lagging, we recommend changing the quality toggle on the video player to SD or Mobile.  Clearing your history/cache in your browser and using a recommended browser can also solve the problem. 

I'm having trouble with the video player and/or mixer.

The first thing to try for laptops and desktops is to use Google Chrome as your browser.  Unfortunately all browsers are not created equal, and our development team had push the limits of some browsers to make the audio mixer possible.  Google Chrome seems to offer the best performance, followed by Opera and Firefox, then Safari.  The audio mixer is not enabled on Internet Explorer, tablets, or mobile phones, but all other features (tempo changer, looper, quality toggle) should work great on Internet Explorer and tablets.  Because of how mobile phones play videos, you won't be able to see the special controls when playing videos back on your phone.

If you are experiencing lagging, be sure to try switching the HD button to SD.  This will deliver a different stream and should clear up any lagging issues for slower connections.  You can test your download speed here.  High speed internet runs around 50 to 70 Mbps.  If your download speed is under about 10 Mbps, you will likely need to use the SD or Mobile feed to experience lag free streaming.

Resetting your browsers cache: Browsers remember things from websites you've visited in order to load them faster, which is typically a good thing.  However, when a major update, like this new video player, is released it can cause issues (like playing only the intros or not loading the videos) if your browser is remembering things from before the update.  Thankfully, this is a quick fix!  In Safari, for example, select History>Clear History and Browsing Data>All History> the press Clear History.  Each browser is a little different, but a quick google search will give you step by step instructions by googling "How to clear the browsing history in [insert browser name (Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)]"  Clearing browsing history solves 99% of the issues with the player for returning customers.

If these solutions don't help, please report the issue with the browser and operating system you are using to the forum community or to the contact form at the bottom of this page.

I've signed up and paid, but I can't log in!

First of all, thanks for joining!  Welcome aboard.  If your sign up went through properly you will get a pop up window thanking you for you sign up, and a welcome email (it often goes to your spam folder depending on your spam settings).  If you did NOT get a welcome email, your sign up may not have gone through.  Feel free to message us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

In you DID get the pop up thank you and the welcome email, you should be able to go to the homepage at SixStringCountry.com, click "Login", enter your email and password that you selected, and click the final gray "Log In" button.  If this does not work:

1. Please make sure cookies are ENABLED in your web browser.  The site will not allow you to log in with cookies disabled. 

2. Please double check your password by using the "Forgot Password" feature in the login window.

3. If neither of these work, there may be a setting, preference, add-on, or anti-virus program preventing the site from logging you in.  To rule this out, please try logging in using a different web browser.  We recommend Google Chrome.

These three solutions solve 99% of all log in issues, but if these do not fix the issue, please message us using the contact form and we will let the tech team work their magic.  

Will my card be charged every month?

Yes, if you have a monthly subscription, your card will be charged once per month automatically to keep your membership active.  If you select the yearly payment option (which is a better value), your card will be charged once per year.  Our top of the line credit card processing system is extremely secure and, as always, there are never any contracts or future commitments so you can cancel any time.

How can I request a song?

Requesting a song is easy!  The easiest way to request a song is in the community forum.  Alternately, you can use the contact form at the bottom of each page on the site.  We love getting song requests and consider every one, especially if we have multiple requests for a title.  Having said that, making a complete tutorial on a song takes an enormous amount of work, so we have to very carefully choose, license, and produce each selection based on which songs will appeal to the widest selection of our customers.

So send it on over!  We'd love to hear from you.

Is everything on SixStringCountry.com done legally?

Yes!  We have gone way, way, way, extremely, amazingly far out of our way to make sure everything on the site is on the up and up.  A significant portion of our staff's time is put into making sure all of the songwriters whose content we use on the site are getting paid.  SixStringCountry.com was built by people right in the heart of Nashville's music business and it's been important from day 1 to make sure the song owners are being fairly compensated.

Can I share my account login with a friend?

We humbly and respectfully ask that you do not.  But we'd love to have them as a member, too.  It's only $9.95 per month!  

On a more serious note, it takes a village to keep this site up and running when you consider the web development, hosting, licensing, songwriting, learning the songs, filming the songs, editing the songs, etc.  Each membership that is purchased grants permission for one subscriber to access the content.  Every subscriber on SixStringCountry.com helps keep the content coming, and we appreciate every one of you!

How do promo codes work?

For the sake of example, let's say you had a code to get your first month free, and you used that to sign up for a monthly membership.  The code is applied immediately, so for the first 30 days, you would not be charged a cent!  Most of the time, our members want to continue their membership after the first 30 days are up.  To do this, simply keep your account (don't close your account) and your monthly membership charge of $9.95/month will begin after the 30 days are up.  As always, there are no contracts or commitments, so you can cancel your membership at any time and immediately stop being charged.

I can't get the sign up form to accept my information. What can I do?

This happens from time to time on older operating systems (i.e. Windows XP).  It can also be caused by certain plug-ins or add-ons on certain internet browsers.  First, try signing up on an alternate browser.  For example, if you are trying on Internet Explorer, try it on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  If that doesn't work, shoot us a note via the contact form at the bottom of the page with your contact info.  We'll call you in 1 business day or less and get you all signed up from our end!

Can I sign up if I don't live in the U.S.?

Absolutely!  We have customers all over the world.  People in Canada, Germany, Denmark, U.K., Norway, Australia, and many more are learning guitar with Six String Country!  Simply put your country's equivalent to a "state" (i.e. province) in that field for the sign up form. 

What do I need to view the lesson videos?

We record all of our videos in full HD.  All you need is an internet connection and a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone.  You can use SixStringCountry.com on all of them!

The videos are loading slowly and/or are laggy. What can I do?

We make our videos at the highest quality possible.  If Tony doesn't shave before a video, you'll know it.  Unfortunately there is no way to offer the highest quality videos around and have them work lightning fast for every customer out there, but the good news it is that there are some things you can do to help.

1.  The fastest thing to try that end up solving 95% of all video player problems is to use Google Chrome as your browser.  You can download it here for free.  Certain preferences, add-ons, settings, virus programs, etc in other browsers can occasionally interfere with the video player working properly.  Give Chrome a try!

2. Restart your computer.  This is annoyingly simple (annoying because it takes some time), but solves a world of problems as it will reset your computers memory and make everything run much more smoothly.

3.  If you are still having problems in Chrome, try clearing your browsing data (File > Clear Browsing Data).  This will ensure you are seeing the latest updates to the site development and not anything cached in your history.

4. Close everything else on your computer that is causing it to work hard (iTunes, other internet windows, downloading files, background tasks, etc)

If none of these help, shoot us a message and we can get the tech team to troubleshoot with us (however, they will ask that you try all of this first if you haven't already).

What do I get if I sign up for a membership?

Everything!  Once you sign up for a membership, you unlock every piece of content on SixStringCountry.com.  Past, present, and future.

How is signing up for a membership "risk free"?

If you sign up for a membership and are not completely satisfied, message us within 7 days for a full refund.  No questions asked.  No hassle.  Having said that, we'd love to know why!  Simply send a message in the contact form at the bottom of any page on the site.

If you decide you don't want to be a member anymore after the first 7 days, you can end your membership immediately and you will incur no further charges.  Although we can't give a refund after the initial 7-day window, you can cancel any time you wish without receiving any future charges.

How often do you add new content?

We are constantly adding new content.  Each month we add many new song based tutorials, guitar basics lessons, and licks and tricks lessons.  SixStringCountry.com is never "finished" being built.  We are constantly adding lessons to stay current with the latest hits and grow our library of "basics" and "licks based" lessons.

How can I contact SixStringCountry.com?

Just close your eyes and think your question really hard, and we'll telepathically receive your message and respond in one business day.  Or, at the bottom of every page there is a form you can use to send us a message.  We monitor these messages regularly and do our best to respond in 1 business day or less.  We'd recommend the form.

At the bottom of every page there is a form you can use to send us a message.  We monitor these messages regularly and do our best to respond in 1 business day or less.