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Modern Country
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Classic & Alternative Country
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Blues & Additional Guitar Studies
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Guitar Courses
Country Pickin'
A graded approach to country lead guitar.

Country guitar has some distinct stylistic signatures including chicken pickin', mimicking pedal steel, open string riffs, slide and more.  We'll explore these styles through technique lessons as well as pointing out appropriate guitar work from your favorite songs along the way.

Guitar 101
Chords, Strumming, & Scales

Guitar 101 offers a structured approach to learning the essential keys of chords, getting comfortable with strumming, and learning the most important scale groups.

Fingerstyle Method
The Definitive Chet Atkins Fingerstyle Method

After an introduction and 4 volumes of preparation, you'll be ready to tackle Sean Weaver's 10 song, graded method taught in the Chet Atkins style.

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